Girl group GFriend is now an official model for global beauty brand, Clinique’s branch in South Korea.

gfriend_beauty gfried_clinique2

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Clinique’s brand manager commented, “GFriend’s friendly and lovely image matched our brand’s image very well.”

The brand manager added, “Each member will also appeal their individual beauty through various products from Clinque.

yerin_gfriend shinbi_gfriend

Now we will be able to see GFriend more often as models for Clinque’s newest beauty products in makeup and skincare!

Clinique will be revealing their very first beauty clip and photo shoot with GFriend through online and mobile channels on September 22, KST.

Enjoy the first look at GFriend’s promo images for Clinique, and follow Clinque’s newest beauty trends with GFriend!

gfriend_Clinique umji_gfriend soone_clinque 14203303_1268151183217977_2736961648402538636_n

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