Japan/Japanese-kpop fans must appreciate diversity, as in black and white people, a lot more than Korea/non-Japanese kpop fans. Because, other than the chill vibes from CNBlue‘s Japanese comeback “Starting Over“, the only other thing very noticeable is the extremely diverse background cast. Something you’ll be hard pressed to find in a kpop MV.

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

CNBlue has been switching things up of late. Highlighted by their visit to New York for Kcon17NY, they’ve been switching up their sound and style, to be more accessible by a diverse crowd.

Unique as they are in kpop, as they play their own instruments, CNBlue have been known for their emo/punk rock style of music. But, not anymore. These days they are moving away from that, and instead incorporating a more urban style, using more RnB as well as funk elements.

In a sense, they are softening up their style, including their visual looks. They now wear more slacks and less jeans. In fact, they’ve given up on jeans totally, it seems. They still wear t-shirts but they are now more stylish, and they also wear a lot more button-down shirts. And, when it comes to shoes, they go for those oxford-types or chelseas.

Their leader Jung Yonwha seems to be leading the charge in this “diversification”. He recently released his second solo album “Summer Calling“. Even though it was called a Japanese album, oddly enough, it doesn’t appear a single track is in Japanese. And, almost half of the songs are in English. The album was released by Warner Music Japan.

Yongwha actually released two solo EP projects this year in 2017, one Korean and the other “Japanese”. In the MV for the lead single “That Girl” from the Korean EP “Do Disturb”, the band he used for the visuals added diversity to the video.

A few days ago BoA Kwon from SM Entertainment was in New York City, and we are told filming a Japanese MV. Based on the instagram post from the director, and obviously the filming location, it’s clear BoA was looking for a diverse cast.

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So now, I’m very curious. Is “Japan/Japanese”, now the code word in kpop for diversity and inclusion? Smh…

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