CNBLUE are back! On March 20, the FNC boy band officially dropped their new comeback music video for “Between Us”, the lead single of their seventh Korean EP “7°CN”. The song’s lyrics and video explore the uncertain feelings of someone who’s about to enter into a relationship.

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CNBLUE set up their instruments in the middle of a road late at night, in the music video for “Between Us”. The boy band quartet soon get singing and rocking, wondering aloud what this means and that means. The members try to sort out the feelings that are bubbling up as they’re about to become a couple with someone. Taking out their flip phones and trying to call from inside a phone booth, the scene feels like times past and like the CNBLUE members  want to talk to their special someone right now.

Watch CNBLUE’s new music video for “Between Us” now:

CNBLUE made their last Korean comeback in April of last year, with their spring-themed single “You’re So Fine”, off their “CNBLUE is blooming” “Blueming” mini album. In the music video for “You’re So Fine”, CNBLUE are playing what looks like a tropical hotel. The FNC boy band notice a girl who’s visiting the place, and they soon start competing with each other to see who wins her heart over.

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