The popular American late night TV host, Conan O’Brien is in Korea. Conan arrived in Korea to a rancorous welcome at the Incheon Airport near the capital Seoul, on Valentines Day, February 14. On the 3rd day of his 5-day visit, Conan was seeing leaving the JYP Entertainment building. But, why!?

Conan in Korea 3

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Conan O’Brien decided to visit South Korea after receiving a care package from a Korean fan named Sunny Lee. Instead of studying for her college entrance exam, Sunny put together a huge box of Korean snacks and included a letter. Conan decide to go all the way to Korea to thank her, personally, saying “ladies and gentlemen, here is my motto—and I want this to get out all around the world—if you send me free snacks from your country, I will travel there in person to thank you. That’s what I do.”

Upon arriving in Korea, Conan was greeting at the airport by a throng of fans who surrounded the American TV host, holding banners and taking pictures with him.

So far, Conan has been having a great time in Korea, along with Walking Dead-Star, Korean-American Steve Yeun. Conan has visited the DMZ overlooking North Korea, bought a pet octopus in an open air fish market he called Samuel, he made a cameo appearance in a K-drama called “Happy Ending One More Time,” learned taekwondo, and had a fan-meet that ended early much to the chagrin of the fans in attendance. The fan meet was supposed to last for an hour and a half, but ended after just 30 minutes.

Conan has said on his to-do list for his visit to Korea, is meet Psy, and join a K-pop group. This probably explains his presence at the JYP Entertainment building in Gangnam on Wednesday, February 17. Conan had a scheduled meeting with the entertainment agency’s founder and main producer, Park Jin-Young.

Upon his return to the United states, Conan will be airing a special episode on his late night TV show on PBS, dedicated to his visit to Korea. And, we’ll be learn all the juicy details of his visit to JYP Entertainment and other adventures in the land of soju and Kimchi.

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