The Cosmic Girls (WJSN) are back! On January 4, the Cosmic Girls dropped their new music video for “I Wish”, along with their third mini album “From. WJSN”. In the video for “I Wish”, the Cosmic Girls continue exploring the out-of-this-world planet that they first discovered in their music video for “Secret”.

The music video for “I Wish” opens up with the Cosmic Girls being scattered on different spots, all over the planet they previously made their landing on in “Secret”. The Cosmic Girls find their way around a maze, discover a house and the planet’s moon in the middle of the forest, and get a wide open view in a plain flanked by huge rocks – communicating to each other in real-time the entire time, through phones, handheld consoles, and laptops. The girls show off their dance moves – in an open plain and on the beach – in between their adventures.


The Cosmic Girls made their first ever comeback last year, in August with “Secret”, from their mini album “The Secret”. The Cosmic Girls are Starship’s newest girl group, debuting in February 2015 with “MoMoMo” and “Catch Me” from their first EP “Would You Like?” – as juniors to Sistar, Boyfriend, and Monsta X.

Check out the Cosmic Girls’ music video for “I Wish” now:

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