Cosmic Girls (WJSN), sister group of Sistar and Monsta X, have just released a preview video for their upcoming album. Today August 15, the Cosmic Girls released the album preview for their second mini album “The Secret”.


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The Cosmic Girls’ next EP “The Secret” features a total of six new songs: title track “Secret”, “BeBe”, “Would You Kiss Me?”, “Prince”, “Robot”, and “Good Night”. The Cosmic Girls’ new album will be released this week on Wednesday, August 17.




Last week, the Cosmic Girls released a special video, titled “The Secret Film”, and the music video teaser for “Secret”. Before that, the group announced their comeback and posted their pre-comeback release schedule.

The Cosmic Girls debuted earlier this year in February, under Starship Entertainment. Their first mini album “Would You Like?” featured double title tracks “MoMoMo” and “Catch Me”.


Listen to the Cosmic Girls’ songs from their next EP “The Secret” here:


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