Suzy featured in the cover of Cosmopolitan Hong Kong on the January issue.

suzy_cosmo_3On December 23, Cosmopolitan released a few cuts of Suzy along with some interview details. In the released pictures, Suzy is wearing romantic fashion items complimented by her natural makeup style.

During the interview, Suzy revealed her thoughts about her past roles in movies and dramas. To the question asking about which character resembled her true self the most she answered, “Go Hye Mi from “Dream High” is similar to me because of the way I worked really hard before my debut as a singer and I also share similarities with Noel from “Uncontrollably Fond.””

suzy_cosmo_2She further commented, “Every time I film a drama or a movie I have people around me tell me that I have similar traits as the role I’m playing. I try to find what I have in common with my character.”

suzy_cosmo_1Suzy revealed that her favorite movie is “Silver Linings Playbook,” and is always up for a good book!

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