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Can you believe there are barely two weeks left before 2015 BTS Live Trilogy In USA, Episode II, The Red Bullet begins? I know everyone is excited but let’s take a moment to breathe and talk about something very important: What you need to bring to the concert. While this list isn’t comprehensive, it should give you a good idea of what you should bring with you to the venue itself.



It seems like a no brainer, but in all the chaos of getting ready for a concert, it’s easy to forget something as important as your tickets. Print them out a day or two in advance so you aren’t rushing around the day of. Store them somewhere safe, in a bag or wallet that you aren’t likely to misplace. There’s also the digital option of downloading the app for AXS or Ticketmaster. Doing this allows you to have your tickets conveniently on your mobile device. A code will be read, just like a barcode on a paper ticket.






Full Battery
Speaking of a digital option, while there is strictly no photography/recording permitted, it’s still important to haveĀ  a fully charged phone at the concert. One reason is that before and after the show, you’ll want to take pictures of the venue, the stage, and people you meet. After the show, you may have to call a ride or taxi. For communication as well as to keep your SNS pages updated, make sure to charge your phone before you leave.



Cash Rules Everything Around Me. Well, maybe not so, but cash is king no matter how much plastic you have. Unfortunately, no merchandise will be sold, but there are still plenty of opportunities to spend money. Water will be in huge demand and it’s possible that the credit card machine could go out or be down during the course of the evening. Some of the venues also sell concessions (and no outside food/drink allowed). Afterwards, it’s a lot easier to split a bill for food or transportation if everyone has cash. Remember, everyone takes cash.


Tissues, Baby Wipes, and other essentials
When it’s time for the hi touch event, you don’t want to be a hot sweaty mess. A couple of baby wipes to get rid of the sweat and some tissue to dab your eyes will really come in handy. Let’s not forget some eyeliner for a touch-up and some gloss for a little added shine. Even if you aren’t fortunate enough to have gotten a high touch, you don’t want to go to dinner with the sweat of the concert making your shirt damp. Other essentials to think of are car/hotel keys, ID, and some gum. Think of when you were little and your mom could find anything in her purse. Make a small checklist to make sure you have all the major things.


Light stick
Be a part of the flashing lights all around you and be sure to grab your light stick! Before you head to the venue, put your light stick (or other cheering gear) near the door so you don’t leave without it. Check the batteries on it as well. It would suck to get to the concert, pose for a picture, and be the only one whose light stick doesn’t shine. Even worse, you wouldn’t want it to go out in the middle of everything (I’ve seen it happen before).



What exactly are you going to carry all your essentials in? Most venues allow small bags in, so you should make it count. If you just want to keep your phone, tickets, and money safe then a small wristlet can do the job and keep you from bulging out your pockets. If you have more, make sure it doesn’t make your bag too big to be let in the door. Arrange your items so that the things you’ll need first (tickets, money) are on top to make them easily accessible.



Above all else, remember to bring a positive attitude. We’re all ARMYs and we all want to have a good time. Be friendly, meet new people, and remember to be courteous to your fellow concert goers.

For all other concert news and updates, see Subkulture and click on the links below to be sure to catch the end of our countdown.



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