In honor of BTS’ 2nd anniversary (*cheers*), the writers of GoodMoMusic have pooled our BTS love stories to share with other A.R.M.Ys. Since we’re also getting geared up for The 2015 BTS Live Trilogy in USA. Episode II. The Red Bullet concerts (only a few weeks left *fangirl squeal*), we all decided to answer just a few simple questions:

  1. How did you first hear about BTS?
  2. What makes them special for you? and
  3. What song are you looking forward to seeing them perform the most on tour?

BTS Family Pic

Here are our responses:


I actually saw BTS at KCON 2014 and their performance was full of new life and total joy for being on stage; they had great energy and were heaps of fun to watch – so I have high hopes for their upcoming tour. I think they will be a total blast to see in their own concert.I think first spotted BTS when they debuted, but their initial concepts didn’t really “speak” to me. I haven’t followed them closely but I have caught all their major music videos. I have been most impressed by their dance teasers (2013 Concept Trailer and 2015 Performance Trailer) – they have really powerful and interesting choreography. But then a couple of months ago I accidentally discovered two soft, fluffy pre-debut songs that I am completely in love with: Beautiful and Graduation Song. (It’s J-Hope’s voice – it kinda broke me.)  And now their War of Hormones and I Need U comebacks have got me listening to more of their stuff. On top of that, their hilarious DubSmash antics are really winning me over on their personalities. Do I need to go back and watch American Hustle Life? Did this noona accidentally join the ARMY? BTS, do I like you?



So I first heard about BTS when an article came out about one of the member’s resemblance to BAP’s Daehyun. About three weeks before then, I’d just seen BAP in concert, so I was like “who is this kid?” and went and looked at teaser photos. When groups say they’re going to have a hip-hop concept it worries me but I said I’d give them a shot and I’m so glad I did. When I watched No More Dream and heard RapMon’s voice, I was like, “who is this kid?” and then Jimin showed his abs and I was like “who is this kid?” and by the end of the video I was waiting for the preorder links to come up so I could order the album. I  ended up winning a contest and getting a signed polaroid of RapMon, Jin, and Jimin with a copy of “2 cool 4 skool.”
What makes BTS special to me is that you never know what to expect from them. Well, you can expect great music but in interviews they tend to be really honest, while also being playful and happy. They act their age and it’s endearing. They are talented and goofy and if they weren’t idols, I’d feel as though would be my best friends. That’s what makes me like them so much.
As for what I would like to hear at their concert…it would be amazing to hear “힙합성애자 (Hip Hop lover),” “Cypher 2. Triptych,” and “Tomorrow.” My absolute favorite song from them is “Tomorrow.”
I found out about BTS on June 13th 2013, through tumblr, I saw a post of JungKook and the look in his eyes drew me in. Stage presence was there. I ended up watching their MV and then the live stream they did on Melon TV, and since then I have been a goner. PROUD A.R.M.Y of course. They make me laugh, till my stomach hurts. When they get on stage, they own it, they make sure they make every second count that they are out there for, and their dance routine and singing ability live is just amazing. I love all the Bangtan Bombs they put up, I feel like it’s a miniseries for me with various genres in each video they upload. Like many Kpop groups out there, they adore their fans and they are forever interacting, whether it’s through twitter, YouTube (Bangtan bombs) or other SNS, they spoil their fans. It’s really hard for me to choose a song, since I really love their music, but I must say, Born Singer is definitely a song I would love to see them perform. It’s not an official song, but the lyrics to that song and to where they are now, it just really does something to my feels, and it’s like they are closer to their dreams than where they started 2 years ago. Besides the title tracks that they have put MV’s out for, I would love to see The Stars; a Japanese single, Tomorrow and ALL THE CYPHERS!!! They give me so much life, I don’t know how I will be when I see it live. My love for BTS just keeps growing and I wish them all the success, in their career. Hwaiting Heungtan Boys!
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Honestly I can not remember the very exact way I found out about BTS.. I think it was through the iTunes Radio. I heard their song “Boy in Luv”. I instantly fell in love with the song, but I never looked into the group. In fact I didn’t even know what any of the members looked like. One day I had nothing much to do and I was looking up some Kpop videos that I had put in my iTunes wish list. As I was going through the list I saw “Boy in Luv” and I knew how much I liked that song so I figured it would be a cool video to look at. I guess I didn’t know what I was really getting myself into.

After watching the video to “Boy in Luv” I instantly fell in lust. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the boy with blonde (with a slight tint of blue) hair and sharp eyes, which I later found out his name, Kim Namjoon (Rap Monster). I was mesmerized. Was it their stylish clothes? Their strong dance moves? Their manly charisma? Their is no definite answer as to why I felt the way I did when first seeing their video but I have never felt the same about another Kpop group.

I began to really like BTS right before the first episode of the American Hustle life came out. After seeing a more in depth look of each boys personality my lust turned into love. (Not in a creepy way!, haha) but BTS is the type of group that you can like instantly. Their music is very diverse and like able because of the mix of R&B and hip hop. They add rap and singing very well into their music. When you hear other music in the Korean industry it may come off as corny or unnatural because the positions that they are put in may not be their true talent or passion. You can tell when that is the case, but in BTS everyone is in the position that they enjoy. Rap Monster and Suga truly enjoy rapping with a passion, you can tell that they express themselves that way. You can tell that Hobi and Jimin truly enjoy dancing. It’s easy to see how hard working Jin and V are with their singing. The groups passion and hard work reflects on the music and videos that they produce. BTS is a very unique group and it’s awesome to see them grow in popularity. With Rap Monster going to L.A. To produce some solo music, he represents the group very well. I may not have been with BTS from the very beginning but I plan to stay until the end. I can’t wait to see what all is to come for the very talented and lovable group.I’m looking forward to them performing “Rain”, “Could you Turn Off your Cell Phone”, “Where did you come from?”, “What am I to you”, and “Danger”. Those are some of my favorites but I’ll honestly be happy to hear just about anything by them! ^_^
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Shannon (our lovely graphic designer):
I first heard about BTS when my friend told me to watch their music video “No More Dream”. After watching it, I decided to watch some of their live performances and what really caught my attention was how they were backstage. They just had such a fun and crazy personality and I was hooked by all their funniness! BTS is special to me because of how they make me feel. On stage, their personalities are tough, but off stage they are just a bunch of goofballs that always make me laugh. If I’m ever having a bad day, all I have to do is watch something with BTS and I instantly feel better. That really makes me loves them more when they don’t have to do anything but be themselves to make me happy!The songs I’m most looking forward to at the concert are of course their title tracks, but I really want to see “Let Me Know”, “Tomorrow“, “Converse High”, and “Miss Right”.
Not only are we all hyped up, but it looks like the fan groups are really getting into the spirit as well. We’ve got the drop for you–some special fan events taking place in some of the cities:
  • Chicago:
    Touch my body +Nae Nae project -after BTS sings “War of Harmone” the audience will do the Jhope touch my body moves and then do the Nae Nae.
    BTS mini banners for the audience to hold up after certain song
    Big banner for the fans to sign
    Light up our world project – glow sticks given to fans to spell out BTS through out the audience.
  • It looks like our fan projects in Dallas are a bit under construction for the moment. Hopefully, everything will be back up and running soon so we can update you guys. We also welcome tips for any city that is doing a special project or event. All A.R.M.Y want to spread the love.

Remember to stay tuned to SubKulture for updates on #TRBinUSA. And, us too!


What’s your BTS story? How’d you fall for our boys? Let us know!