You would think that with a world tour commencing in just a few short weeks, that BTS would be preparing for it. Instead, they’re spoiling ARMYs even more with the release and promotion of their track “Sick (쩔어)”. Below is the smorgasbord of concept photos BigHit has released. The boys are all in professional wear, giving them an air of maturity.

Sick comeback-RapMon Sick comeback-RapMon2 Sick comeback-RapMon3 Sick comeback-RapMon4 Sick comeback-RapMon5Sick comeback-Suga Sick comeback-RapMon and Suga Sick comeback-RapMon and Suga2Sick comeback-JHope6 Sick comeback-JHope5 Sick comeback-JHope4 Sick comeback-JHope3 Sick comeback-JHope2 Sick comeback-JHope sick comeback-group4Sick comeback-Jin2 Sick comeback- Jin Sick comeback-group3Sick comeback-Jungkook3 Sick comeback-Jungkook2 Sick comeback-Jungkook Sick comeback-group2 Sick comeback-V4 Sick comeback-V3 Sick comeback-V2 Sick comeback-V Sick comeback-group 1Sick comeback-group5 Sick comeback-Jimin Sick comeback-Jimin2 Sick comeback-Jimin3 Sick comeback-Jimin4

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And if those pictures weren’t enough, M Countdown also released a very cryptic teaser for next week’s program. No glimpse of the boys or a snippet of the song, just a very mysterious two handed counter over an elevator. The hands stop at 1 and 9. I wonder what that means…

Looks like next week, fans are in for a big treat. Here’s to looking forward to the “sickest” of comebacks from BTS!


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