WOW, how crazy was this weekend for you A.R.M.Y’s? With Bangtan’s comeback just around the corner and upcoming #TRBinUSA tour coming up this summer, I am sure that a lot of you were overwhelmed with various types of emotions as I was. It seemed as if there wasn’t going to be much teaser pictures, considering how they did it previously before, with putting out 2 members or 1 member at a time.

This time fans were slammed with aesthetically pleasing pictures of BTS, to the point that we begged for it to stop! The pictures took on various different themes, from “Blooming” to “Daydream”, and “Anxiety”; each showing different views of the boys. Fans flocked to various social media to share the teasers and expressed how much they loved every picture that BigHit released, even the ones that were faceless.


So, there was a battle over the weekend to score tickets for the 4 cities that will be hosting #TRBinUSA concert. There was a lot of mixed feelings. Some are saying they felt like they won “The Hunger Games” for BTS. For those who were not so lucky, don’t be discouraged! Read on, for tips on what to do if your ticket hunting was not as successful.

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So, if you didn’t get tickets, don’t panic. Here’s what to do:

  • Keep checking the site. Sometimes extra seats are released a month or so after when they see the response. SubKulture Entertainment has also said that they are inquiring if the Chicago and Dallas locations will release some of the seats in the future.
  • Plans change and sometimes people have to sell their tickets. But, don’t pay for overpriced tickets. For people who won’t charge you extra, check BTS fan pages on Facebook, and check the Facebook groups of your designated city (see below for the links). Also, check Tumblr or Twitter (for example @BangtanUSA on Twitter), and go into the tags.

Whether you got tickets, or are still trying, how can you fill in the coming weeks and days? If you’d like to participate in fan projects but don’t know how to, check the designated cities Facebook pages in the links below. Even if you are not going to the concert there are exciting things you can still participate in like fan art, selfie challenge and even donations towards other fan projects that each city is trying to do.


Let’s show BigHit and Bangtan Boys that they are not only loved in Korea! They are loved internationally, especially in the USA!!!

So if you need a mission for this week in support of Bangtan, here you go:

  1. WATCH THE MV AND SHARE IT! PS: Some Bangtan blogs are trying to get A.R.M.Y’s to watch the MV on iBigHit channel.
  2. LEARN THE FANCHANTS! There are subbers who will put up the fanchant videos once they make their comeback stage, so be on the lookout for it. You know you want to sing along with them. 🙂
  3. BUY THE ALBUM, or get a digital version if that is a better option for you (if u can afford it 🙂 ).
  4. DONT GIVE UP ON POSSIBILITY OF GETTING TICKETS!!! I can’t stress this enough that people are actually reselling tickets because they got an extra ticket, for friends and family that will cancel.
  5. IF more tickets open up, do not try to get tickets on your own. Here’s a little secret: you need a team! You might think it’s weird but it’s a really good system that has worked out for many, including me. Whether it’s your parents or friends, having multiple opportunities is better than just having one. Also, when it says no ticket available, don’t give up, keep hitting the “find available tickets” button. So, try to get at least an extra person to try and get tickets with you. For the shows that have a waiting room for their site, do not go in and out. Once you are in, stay there until they open it up to you. Yes it sucks but unfortunately it doesn’t do you any good if you are up hours ahead of time and then you hit that refresh button, because you just lost your spot. And, make sure you don’t buy more than you need so others have a chance, too. Don’t be selfish 🙁

As if we weren’t overloaded already, BigHit also released over the weekend BTS’s upcoming album highlight medley:


As previously stated, here is the link to each Facebook page for designated cities of Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, and New York.






New York A.R.M.Y Fan project FB page

Dallas A.R.M.Y Fan project FB page

Chicago A.R.M.Y Fan project FB page

Los Angeles A.R.M.Y Fan FB page (it’s a closed group so you must request or be invited in)

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