Are you freaking out because you don’t know what to wear for TRBinUSA? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, so here is a post that will hopefully help you narrow down your ideas.
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I like the feminine look of long hair over a dress. However, I hate high heels! In particular, a look that isn’t too flashy, with something like a sporty feeling. Nike Jordan’s shoes and leggings isn’t too bad!


A girl that can wear a lot of different styles is really good. Street style would fit her as well as a simple laid-back look; girls with this fashion sense are amazing . A black biker jacket with a knit hat, a white cropped t-shirt and black leggings or skinny jeans would match well ……. For shoes, Air Jordan 11 Bred.


I like the cute type. Long hair over a big hoodie, a knit sweater or a coat…. For bottoms, skinny pants or similar that fits perfectly, and also for tops it’s good if she’s wearing one size bigger. With that, leather shoes or cute sneakers, glasses and one or two bracelets would be nice! But going overboard with the cuteness and not matching your own age is not good.


I don’t really understand fashion, but a large top worn over shorts is a style I like. The « all black » look is good too. For example, an outfit that has a knitted cap paired with a large shirt or t-shirt, a parka and shorts with black tights. Nice shoes would be sneakers like Vans or Converse.


To be honest, since I like women’s fashion, I’d like a style that is similar to my own. A white, black or grey t-shirt in XL or XXL size. It’s nice if it’s slightly torn at the shoulder. I like those hoodies with big zippers, or really just any normal ones too. Bottoms would be skinny jeans or a skirt, and shoes I like are white or red Converse, black Adidas, and grey Vans.


I like a style that has a cute and pretty atmosphere to it. For hair it’s a loose bun, wavy short or a half up hairdo. Oversize tops and regular shirts look very pretty, and for bottoms, jeans that match the top’s color, but short shorts are OK too. For shoes anything is fine, be it low heels or high heels.

Rap Monster

I like a long and straight hairstyle, and a white t-shirt, something long that fits the body well. For bottoms, denim shorts, and for shoes, high-cut red Converse.”


I think one thing we can take from this interview is that BTS likes their ideal type of girl in clothing that fits her body well. Wearing clothing that is too tight for you (top wise) is not really for them. A top that is oversized is a plus for a few members.

With BTS #TRBinUSA concert coming up, I’m sure that a lot of you are wondering what you should wear, in hopes of catching your bias attention. Although it’s summer and it will be hot, a beanie can still look fashionable with the right outfit. Skinny jeans and leggings can really come alive with the right top and make a stellar outfit. You can match it with a crop top, or find a nice oversized shirt that falls a bit off the shoulder, and really make your outfit come alive with.
























Those are some outfit ideas that you can try to mix and match with. If you really like something, click on the picture to add it to your cart! Although there isn’t a picture here with an oversized hoodie, don’t be afraid to wear one with your ensemble, regardless if it is a shorts, leggins, or jeans. Oversized (zipper) hoodies on girls will always look cute in guys eyes. One thing to remember, make sure you are comfortable. Your outfit doesn’t come alive unless you own it, you have to be confident in the clothes you wear.

I’ve seen girls show up to concerts in high heels and they wish they hadn’t done it in the end. If you do, at least make sure you have fast flats, or something you can change into that will give you comfort. Vans, Converse, Jordan’s and Nike’s are safe bets for shoes.

Let’s not forget to accessorize




Whether you want to keep it simple, or make your outfit come alive more, by adding more of a spark to your outfit go ahead. Just don’t let your accessory steal the show from your whole entire wardrobe




Hello its summer, of course we need some sunglasses.




It doesn’t matter if you like, big frame glasses or small, as long as you can work it that’s all that really matters.







If you still need help on potential outfits, be sure to check out or

There is plenty of amazing choices to pick from there, which I’m sure will make a killer outfit for TRBinUSA.

By the way, if you want to cosplay, you wont be alone. There are always fans who will cosplay as their bias.

If you are on tumblr and still want a more in depth look on what your bias within BTS might prefer for outfit, be sure to check out this page that has been doing a great job on giving feedback about BTS style for themselves and their ideal type.

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