Twice recently released their 2nd Korean comeback of 2017 Likey, and they did not switch-up their tried and true fashion style, which goes beyond school girl outfits, but not too far off. It can be described as a sweet-sixteen casual style.

In the MV for Likey, the colors they wore were not overly popping and blinding. They wore solid colors like mustard, blue, green, white, black, and a couple of pink pastels. Their style was nothing overly flashy, detracting or distracting in anyway from the energy of the song and choreography.

The girls primary wore above-the-knee skirts and form-fitting tops with some sleeveless others short-sleeves, and so not betraying the visuals of their “healthy” figures – a term often used in kpop. Overall the outfits found a good balance between cute and charming.

Featured in American for the Likey comeback, Twice was described as innocence with edge. Not very imaginative, but some of their fashion statement pieces were labeled as “sweet and girlish, but with a knowing bit of bite.”

Aside from the choker, which Vogue was describing, Twice definitely love their crop tops, another of their fashion staples.


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