Singer Crush and composer/guitarist Han Sang-won got together as a project duo titled Sound Boutique to release a collaboration song every season. The collaboration song “SKIP” was released on August 24, KST, accompanied by a music video.

The song suggests you to skip the complicated things in life and make life easier by picking up a simple mindset. It’s a song to stop and take things slow when life spins too fast that your head gets dizzy.

The collaboration song “SKIP” pays homage to Michael Jackson’s 1970-80 funky pop R&B music with a modern touch. Funk sound expresses summer and the guitar sound creates an easy groove. It’s essentially a balanced mix of old and new music.

Guitarist and composer Han Sang-won stated, “This song was the result of the communication across people of different generations. It’s a great song that demonstrates that everyone can become one with music.”




The MV features the winner of 2015 Miss World Korea Wang Hyun. She is features as a person living everyday feeling bored and trapped. But as Crush declares “I don’t wanna live like this everyday” in the song, she breaks out of her ordinary routine and starts to behave more free and unrestrained.

Just for today, “SKIP” the boring things in life and get straight to watching Crush’s new MV!

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