Crush released the music video for his track ‘Summer Love‘!

On June 28, Crush officially came back with the release of ‘Summer Love’ music video. The Korean R&B artist will be making his comeback with ‘Outside‘ single album and the track is one of the songs included in the album.

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Check out the music video for ‘Summer Love’ here:

As expected, Crush brought us another good summer song with ‘Summer Love.’ The song is just about someone wanting to fall in love during the summer season. To be honest, his voice is just enough for you to feel the song. His soothing vocals gave me peace while listening to it.

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The scenery in the music video looks amazing. It seems that the video shows him driving to the place where he wants to spend time with his love one. It looks mesmerizing, peaceful and relaxing all at the same time.

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Crush will be returning with his single album ‘Outside’ on June 30.

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