(c) Cube Entertainment

Just recently, it was announced through the Taiwanese media that BEAST’s Jang Hyunseung will not be appearing on the group’s fan meeting in Taipei on the 4th of April.

However, their agency Cube Entertainment, contradicted to the ongoing issues saying, “All six members will be attending the fan meeting in Taiwan, as well as all other upcoming group activities.

Another rumor recently was that from a Korean media source that Jang Hyunseung is about to leave the group.

(c) Cube Entertainment
(c) Cube Entertainment

According to a report in Kukinews, the boy group has already been preparing for a dramatic change particulary with their outfits, choreography and their song. The buzz of Jang Hyunseung leaving from the group are circulating for almost a year now all over the industry.

Apparently, there has been schism from among the group, whereby Jang Hyunseung took different planes and even rode in a different car.

However, Cube Entertainment disaffirmed the rumors of Jang Hyunseung leaving the group, however, saying, “It’s completely untrue.”

Meanwhile, BEAST is currently holding fan meetings across the globe and their next stop is Taiwan.


BEAST’s Official Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/beast.unitedcube


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