On November 21st, singer-songwriter Dabit had a meet and greet with fans at Roll Play Bar & Lounge in Downtown Toronto, hosted by Hallyu North and KoffeeDream. Though the event happened on a bit of short notice, the turnout exceeded even Dabit’s expectations.

The event started with Dabit singing Adele‘s version of “Make You Feel My Love“. His rendition was so great that a fan hollered out “preach” as he hit a high note. The setting was so intimate and the song so emotional that fans couldn’t help but be touched by his vocals.


He then performed his song “Zone Out,” which once again made the crowd emotional. Many in the crowd were swaying from side to side with his smooth voice. Despite a little technical difficulty, he smiled and continued singing his heart out.

He took a break from singing to have a Q&A session with the fans. Although we were discouraged from asking about food, (Dabit’s Twitter page is evidence that he’s a major foodie), there was still a lot of food talk. When asked about his skin care routine, Dabit gave a very honest answer. While he totally understands girls’ feelings to put on makeup day in day out, he suggests we should take a break, eat healthy and sleep a lot. He also said that his good skin comes from his parents.

He was asked by fans to do aegyo, for them, and he did it for a moment. Then fans requested gyiwyomi, which his manager then said if the fans sang gwiyomi that he would do it.

dabit14 dabit15 dabit16 dabit17

His face reaction was priceless, nonetheless he did it, up to three before he face palmed and asked for the next question.


Dabit asked fans to dance with him during Hayana’s part of Up & Down. When she says “I like it,” we should do a body wave with him (think Sistar19 ‘Ma Boy’).

dabit1 dabit2 dabit3 dabit4


When you bought his album at the event, you were asked to put your name on a paper and in a jar, no one knew what it was for. It was later revealed to be the ultimate in fanservice. Some very lucky fans got a chance to be serenaded by him! While he sang, you could see how jealous all the other fans were for not getting the opportunity of having Dabit look at into their eyes as he performed his song. It was obvious that the 5 girls who were up on stage,though swooning, were hoping the moment can continue a little longer.

Dabit performed for a while longer, ending the night with a cover of Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours“.

With such an amazing night coming to an end, we were given even more great news. Hallyu North will be hosting HallyuCon on May 6th & 7th, 2016 where Dabit, along with Hayana, will emcee the event as well as perform together for the first time. If you missed out on him this time, be sure to mark your calendar. As more details about the event come out, you can be sure to keep updated by clicking the links at the bottom of the page.



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