Girl group Dal Shabet are back! Today September 29, Dal Shabet released their latest music video for “Fri.Sat.Sun” – the title track of their new 10th mini album of the same name.

This past week, Dal Shabet released several image teasers – and music video teasers – for their upcoming comeback.




The music video for “Fri.Sat.Sun” opens up with the scene of Dal Shabet’s four members working in the office, and then rushing out to party together – after a long day, but still having the picture of next Monday in the back of their mind.

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“Fri.Sat.Sun” was composed by producer Shinsadong Tiger. The EP, Dal Shabet’s 10th, features a total of five new songs, including the title track – “Ya Heart”, “Hard 2 Love”, “Fly Boy”, and “Some, What?”.




Dal Shabet made their comeback earlier this year last January 6, with their music video for “Someone Like U”, title track of their 9th mini album “Naturalness”.


Watch Dal Shabet’s new video for “Fri.Sat.Sun” here:


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