Girl group Dal Shabet are upping the hype for their upcoming fall comeback. Today September 23, Dal Shabet posted two special teaser videos for their comeback that’s happening next week. Both their 10th mini album, as well the accompanying music video for “FRI.SAT.SUN”, the title track of the same name, will be released on September 29.




Dal Shabet have so far posted a consistent series of lots of new image teasers this week, following the announcement of their comeback last week. Happy Face Entertainment, Dal Shabet’s record label, also shared that a third teaser video will be released soon.

The girl group’s new song “FRI.SAT.SUN” is about the long wait, full of anticipation, and the excitement that people feel when it’s about to be the weekend.




Dal Shabet made another comeback earlier this year, with the release of their 9th album “Naturalness” and their latest music video “Someone Like U” – their first comeback as a four-member group.


Watch the first teaser video for Dal Shabet’s upcoming comeback here:

Watch the second teaser:


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