Afrobeats global star Davido, fresh off his international hit “If” that had even R.Kelly jumping on for a remix, has released a fresh new hot track called “FIA.”

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The normally chill Davido, has upped the vocal intensity in this mellifluous drop. The subject matter must be really touchy for him. Well, truth be told for lots of men it is, globally.

That would be the subject matter of having money in order to get or keep the girl. I guess this persistent problem knows no boundaries.

The fresh melody is as smooth as fresh juice pressed off a newly picked ripe-yellow orange. The beat also has some unique elements including the introduction of a high pitched brass section at an extended transition point between the chorus and the verse.

It may be the first time Davido has embellished his production with some horns, which always add depth and sophistication to a track.

Another sweet element to the beats, beyond the recurring ripple-like chords in the chorus, are the strategic profound pauses, as well as vocal and mild dance breaks, giving the song a cohesive multi-dimensionalism.

Many producers screw things up here, when trying to jazz-up a beat or make it more interesting, by mixing together too many concepts or themes. Davido’s producer didn’t try to do too much, he/she simply knew exactly where and when to take their foot of the pedal and when to accelerate gently, to create that variety.

That multi-dimensional element extends to the visual direction of the music video. The location almost certainly not in southern Nigeria, Davido’s home country, but instead likely in a more arid region of the country or possibly even Sourthern Africa.

The video starts out with Davido in a classic Chevy, driving down an empty highway. In the distance comes a bride in her wedding dress walking on foot, and steadily she comes into full view.

The set varies from the outdoors, with Davido in the car, sitting on the ledge of a yellow house, hanging out by a piano outdoors, as well as an expansive field. And, then the set also takes place indoors, mostly in a small hall with lots of malfunctioning TV sets and wires, where Davido is joined by some well-heeled dancers.