‘DAY6’ Want To Know “What Can I Do” In New MV


Every Day6July has come and gone and now, band, DAY6 has released their August title, “What Can I Do”.

“What Can I Do” MV

The song has a heavy bass and follows the boys through a school setting where they play student with different high school experiences. The video really does show off how some students might react to these similar situations. There’s also a twist at the end.

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

“I like you/I can’t help it/I’m already into you/You’re messing with me and I like it/I can’t help it/It’s what I am…”

The lyrics tell the story of a guy seeing how bad the girl he likes is, both for him and generally, but he already likes her too much. There is a depiction of the fight between liking this girl and accepting that she may not be worth his feelings. Mixed with the heavier sound of the music, a song which is meant to be light hearted becomes a little more serious. Check out the video below.


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