‘DEAN’ releases MV for new single “Come Over”


DEAN has released the MV for his new single “Come Over” featuring 15&¬†Baek Yerin.

dean baek yerinThe video has clips from rockets taking off and a nuclear bomb going off. This then turns into drawing of someone that looks to be DEAN going about his daily life. The drawings and animation are minimal but tell a story all the same. We move from seeing this story to being in outer space. Just before her verse starts, a female figure also appears – Baek Yerin? Both figures don’t seem to interact, yet there is a feeling that they do.

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

From the lyrics, the story gets a bit clearer. The story is reminiscent of puppy love and how at the fist stages of a relationship both persons want to spend time together but, for many reasons, they don’t get to. This results in the guy of the relationship asking if the girl can come over instead of talking on the phone or just on a date. It’s quite a cute song. See the video below.

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