DIA’s back! On April 19, DIA revealed their new music video for “Will You Go Out With Me?”, the lead single of their second album “YOLO”. DIA go on a trip together to Japan while keeping in touch with their special someone, and eventually just snap and ask him out, straight up.

Check out DIA’s new music video for “Will You Go Out With Me?” now:

DIA’s music video for “Will You Go Out With Me?” begins with Chaeyeon narrating what’s being going on so far, thinking that a trip for two – just her and the guy she calls “oppa” – would be really cool. She’s wandering the streets of Tokyo on her own, after getting away from her friends and fellow members for a while.

DIA’s new music video is a fun watch, especially the way the story is told. The video alternates between a live text conversation. and a stream of zoom-in-and-out photo and video snapshots of DIA’s fun moments. All this is being shown to the guy Chaeyeon has her eyes on, like they’re teasing him that they’re having so much fun without him being part of the party.

After huddling together to see what’s going on with Chaeyeon and “oppa”, DIA split up into groups to explore the sights of Tokyo. Chaeyeon goes off alone, looking like she’s on a mission to show the guy the potential romantic couple activities he’s missing out on, as she checks out restaurants, arcades, and lots of other interesting places, texting him the lots of snapshots she’s taking of them, along with cute pictures of just her.

The song brings some new dance moves from DIA, as they present their choreography under the evening lights. DIA’s skating on a seaside road during the day is also a nice addition to the video.

The lyrics show DIA getting tired and impatient with the basic simple back-and-forth that seems to be the only thing that’s going on between them and “oppa” right now, and just come out and try to push an answer out of him, asking “Will You Go Out With Me?”:

Hey baby baby, will you go out with me?
Stop playing games
What do I do? My shocked heart keeps pounding
What’s wrong with me?
My face grows red whenever I see you
But still, I like you, what do I do?

I’ve fallen for you
Wanna go out with me?
It keeps tickling
Today is Day 1

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