Dino Jag, hailing from Adelaide, South Australia, made a smooth return to the scene both at home and abroad – as he dropped his latest EP “Breakthrough”, which first premiered in November 2016. Dino specializes in Pop Rock and Adult Contemporary, and his sound brings up vibes in the likes of Train, Gavin DeGraw, Jason Mraz, Maroon 5, and OneRepublic. Dino’s brand new EP, a huge milestone in his musical career, was fittingly recorded at one of the best recording studios in the world, the Sunset Sound Studios in Hollywood.


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For Dino’s new EP “Breakthrough”, he’s chosen two lead singles, “Two Young Hearts” and “You Make Me Feel So Good”, as the records’ highlights – to make an amazing duo of songs that will give you happy vibes and much more. The EP opens with love song “Two Young Hearts” – the track has a music video that will make you smile as you watch Dino relive his story of the one that got away, along with showing him and the band rock out – a song that gets intense yet soothing with the vocals, and is backed by a highly skilled guitar. Fast track into the next one, “Nothing But You” – Dino gets more into the pop and R&B, with keyboards and drums packed in for the ride, with lyrics that will lift you up.

Dino continues these themes into the following track, and transitions to the second lead single “You Make Me Feel So Good”but this time going all out with the Maroon 5- and OneRepublic-inspired sound, as he lets her heart out and goes all in with his vocals, singing about he can’t think of anything else other than the one girl that he’s in love with.

In the next song, “My Life is Changed”, Dino doesn’t let go, as he goes deeper into the emotions and the memories of the girl that he loved – refusing to open his eyes, only wanting to keep singing. As you listen, you’ll see a vivid image painted before your eyes, of intimate and emotionally moving scenes between lovers. Dino then pauses, and then goes on with his next song “Breakthrough” – the lyrics sharing how that girl so shook Dino to his core, that the only way he had to let it all out was through his greatest passion, music, and expressing it to the whole world.

In the closing track of Dino’s cheerful yet tearful new EP, “Sweet Summer Smile”, the artist goes back to a more positive tone and mood as he switches it out for a track that’s brimming with the sound of blues, that shares a message of hope and courage.


Dino will take you through the highs and lows, the happiness and sadness, with his deeply romantic nature – along with his defining musical talent where he doesn’t shrink back, and just goes in smooth and powerful in both his vocals and instruments. It’s a very unique combination of the two sides of more than one coin, and we’re glad that we got to see this side of Dino and hear the great music that was borne out of it as well.

Dino shared this about the lead single – “You Make Me Feel Good” – off his “Breakthrough” EP:

“Ironically, I wrote ‘You Make Me Feel So Good’ during a dark patch in my life, when I was feeling very alone. I needed something or someone right there and then, to pick me up and lift me… so I picked up my guitar and started playing around with different rhythms. Then my imagination took hold and, I was transported into a space with imagery of a girl, that I became infatuated with… and it felt good!”


Dino, also known as Dino Jag La Vista, took charge of the Words & Music, and also has credits for the Vocals and Acoustic Guitar. Other people who worked on Dino’s latest EP are Jeff Bova, Producer and Keyboards; Aaron Sterling, Drums; Corey Britz, Bass; Tim Pierce, Guitars; and Carol Hatchett and Bernard Fowler taking care of the Backing Vocals.

You definitely don’t want to miss out on this. Get Dino Jag’s new EP “Breakthrough” on iTunes now, and on other outlets here.

Check out Dino’s lyric video for “You Make Me Feel So Good”:

Listen to Dino Jag’s full “Breakthrough” EP now, via Spotify:


Also, check out Dino’s music video for “Two Young Hearts”:

About Dino Jag:

Band Blurb:

“Dino Jag is multi-dimensional and has proven that he is more than an artist who can only create radio favorites.”

A South Australian treasure and quickly becoming a recognized name in the international music world, his new EP was released in November 2016.  Recorded at the legendary Sunset Sound Studios in Hollywood with Grammy Award Winning Producer Jeff Bova at the helm and featuring musicians, Aaron Sterling (Drums – John Mayer), Corey Britz (Bass – Bush), Tim Pierce (Guitar – Bruce Springsteen), Jeff Bova (Keyboards – Michael Jackson), Carroll Hatchet (Backing Vocals – Bette Midler) & Bernard Fowler (Backing Vocals – The Rolling Stones), it is set to be a major milestone in Dino’s career.

Dino first launched onto the international music arena in 2005 with his unique cover of the 70’s classic, “Play that Funky Music.” The song burned up the charts worldwide, reaching number 8 in Australia and number 34 in Denmark and hit many radio playlists.

Dino Jag hit the international spotlight with the release of his song “Calling All The Saints” breaking all records to become the #1 most purchased song on the “Music For Good” program for Oxfam America. With over 3,500 artists from around the world represented on the chart this was quite an achievement and a great testament to his songwriting ability.

Daniel Davidson-Amadi, Music News:

“His voice isn’t unlike a harmony between Adam Levine and Chris Martin which is a great thing.”

He has shared the stage with some heavy hitters in the industry including, Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), Sammy Hagar (Van Halen), Adelaide & Queensland Symphony Orchestras, James Morrison, Steve Vai (David Lee Roth / Whitesnake), Richard Max, Daryl Braithwaite and Ian Moss.

His vocal ability, songwriting flare and production style have also given Dino the opportunity to work on recording projects with Rusty Anderson (Paul McCartney Band), Ray Columbus (NZ), Alan Gorrie (Average White Band), Mark King (Level 42), Carmen Grillo (Tower Of Power) and even Australian icon Barry Crocker!

Nominated “Best Male Vocalist” for three consecutive years at the South Australian Music Industry Awards (SAMIA) while fronting Adelaide funk/rock band Stolen Waters who entered the national charts with their reworking of the Stevie Wonder classic “Superstition.”

Dino’s 2016 single release “Two Young Hearts” made it’s debut in PASTE Magazine and won 2nd place at the International Unsigned Music Awards (Adult Contemporary category).

Dino embraces music to his very core and continues to shape his career whilst exploring new sounds in his own electrifying way.

Jordannah Elizabeth, VZ Magazine:

“His exuberant energy comes pouring through his music.. Look out for Dino Jag as he gets set to hit the worldwide stage!”

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