There’s always something fresh about a RDGLDGRN release. It’s like fish caught straight out the ocean, flipping and flopping back and forth on the boat or pier. No artificial coloring or anything like that to make it more commercial. Just straight good music, no frill or gimmicks.

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Their latest single “Runnin Away”, is just like that. It has that grunge aspect that makes it feel like it was made by the local garage band, whether you live in Nebraska of Virginia.

A RDGLDGRN single is never complete without some serious percussion, and the thumping beats in “Runnin Away” makes it no different. It’s not quite their signature gogo beat, but more rock-like.

The music video shows scenes from concerts both in crowded little venues and in big wide open stadiums,

Check out our interview of the band during one of their NYC visits.

rdgldgrn runnin away

RDGLDGRN are basically becoming everyones local band. They stay close to their fans, and so their music never strays too far either.
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