Sometimes you turn on the radio or the streaming service on your phone and listen to an amazing song. And, then you wonder, how is this possible!? How does such good music get made? How do they pull such soothing melodies seemingly out of thin air!? I have those questions. And, with help from GQ magazine, British pop artist Dua Lipa is giving us some clarity and closure. She spoke with GQ about her creative process, and spoke in detail about how she came to collaborate with Chris Martin’s Coldplay for the single “Homesick.”

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“Homesick” was released as part of Dua Lipa’s debut album self titled “Dua Lipa”. In the GQ interview she talks about how it was the last song to be recorded for the album.

“Homesick” was recorded in LA. It’s a soft ballad, sung over a gentle piano melody. Chris Martin who is the lead singer for alternative rock band Coldplay, played the keys for the track, and his vocals compliment Dua Lipa’s on the track. Check out the music video for Homesick, below.

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