Two of the top artists in their respective scenes are joining forces for an interesting new collab. On January 24, Khip-hop icons Dynamic Duo and EXO lead vocalist Chen are coming together to release a new single and a music video for “Nosedive”, a song that’s part rap and part ballad sending out a message of hope and encouragement to everybody holding out everywhere.


In the “Nosedive” music video for this project, an old man sits and dances alone in the middle of a trail. He plays to his own beat, walks through the field, looking out into the distance, and toward the end pauses by a duo of two leafless trees. All the while, Dynamic Duo are rapping in a quiet tone to reflect the depth of the song, and EXO’s Chen then sings out the high notes. Dynamic Duo and Chen take the audio spotlight in turns, as the scenery changes and the old man moves forward.

Dynamic Duo and Chen’s “Nosedive” collab track is the very first in Amoeba Culture and LOEN Entertainment’s new Mixxxture Project, that will be a space for artists from its own roster and other record labels to release their own style and brand of music. Amoeba Culture was formed back in 2006 by Gaeko and Choiza, the stars of Dynamic Duo, and is also the home of other Khip-hop artists like Crush and Primary.

Watch Dynamic Duo and EXO Chen’s “Nosedive” collab music video now:

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