Eddy Kim and Subin from girl group Dal Shabet released a duet song “Dream” from “I Am A Movie Director Too” on August 1 KST.

This duet song is a part of the OST for a reality show “I Am A Movie Director Too,” where six singers come together to produce a movie. It features the challenges and accomplishments that the members experience while creating a movie.

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Singer Eddy Kim composed the duet himself. He plays the male lead and the music director of the show. “Dream” will remind you of folk pop songs from movies such as “Begin Again” or “Once.

The Korean version of “Dream” was sang as a solo by Subin. Her solo version takes out the guitar sound and brings in the piano sound. The song expresses a message about dream, love, disappointment and hope of young people.

Subin and Eddy Kim have a lot in common. They both have shown amazing skills as a singer-songwriter. Their soft voices come together to make a soothing harmony. Subin also plays the female lead in the movie being filmed in “I Am A Movie Director Too.”

A music video for “Dream” features all six members of “I Am A Movie Director Too:” Sojin of Girl’s Day, Henry, Eddy Kim, Mir, and Nara of Hello Venus, and Subin. You can see the members coming together to create the movie. The laughter and the friendship among all of the members in the MV will make your heart smile!

EddyKim_Subin4 EddyKim_Subin3

Check out the MV for “Dream” below and tell us what you think!

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