SM Entertainment’s EDM duo, Amber and Luna are back at it again with another cool EDM track. Called “Lower” the members of f(x) released a teaser with all the right vibes.

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The teaser samples for us the beat and shows the ladies moving effortlessly to it. Then the teaser ends with Amber’s sonorous and smoky vocals saying “Lower” twice. Only missing was Luna’s high pitched vocals, which we can look forward to in the full MV, out on January 5.

The teaser shows the setting for the MV to be at night in an urban area, which is very much in tune with an EDM track.

Luna and Amber have uniquely shown to be able to pull off an EDM track flawlessly. Luna did it individually for her solo debut “Free Somebody“. And, just before that, she worked with Amber in “Wave“, which was also well executed.

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