Although dominated by men, electronic music has its fair share of female mixers and musicians. According to LA Weekly, the only thing needed by these lady DJs is for clubs and festivals to sign them up for their events. Nevertheless, female DJs are equally as talented and have as much potential as their masculine counterparts.

Today, we will look at three female artists to watch out for who are killing it in the underground community.

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Via App


No Fear of Pop sampled “I Came To Win” which is one of Via Apps first releases. Her music has smatterings of punk, which blends tight beats and guitar riffs as well as vocal segments. It was described like it “transforms into absolute magnetic, telekinetic chaos,” and this results to amped up hypnotic trance-like moments.




The Swedish artist Tove Agélii, aka Toxe, is only 18-years-old. Her musical style includes bursts of industrial percussion and her sound is considered as avant-trap. The Creators Project likened her track and music video entitled “Defense” to a hallucinatory trip.


Klara Lewis


Another Swede, Klara Lewis employs a different style by utilizing experimental compositions. Her music somewhat emanates darkness and mystery, with a relatively slower pacing and deep sound. Her first compilation, Ett, and her latest album, Too, led her to get spots on international events wherein she’s often the only female in the lineup.


The flexibility of electronic music allows artists to create their own styles. As a result, the genre’s wide range has been used in different fields aside from exclusively auditory experiences. Visual media such as TV advertisements use a lot of songs from this genre. Complex magazine talked about commercials with excellent accompaniment of tracks under EDM, a popular subcategory of electronic music.

Additionally, video games like the iconic Super Mario and Donkey Kong became more memorable due to their BGM. There is not a single person who played Super Mario that wouldn’t recognize its music, especially the tracks playing in the first levels.

Electronic music is also largely used in casual games, like digital iterations of slots in which background music and the sound of real machines are replicated through electronic music equipment as well. An infographic on gaming music from Pocketfruity elaborated that without the music and sound effects, the player wouldn’t feel the same level of excitement even if he/she is winning. Another classic game is pinball, and a published study from Folkway Records about electronic music highlighted that at the Electronic Music Studio in Brandeis University, an artist took the sounds of pinball machines as reference to produce new pitches, rhythms, and timbres.


The diversity of tunes and sound effects, which can be created using electronic instruments, are perfect for various applications, thus the genre has ventured out from purely listening purposes. And considering that artists such as Via App, Toxe and Klara Lewis, not to mention countless male DJs, are entering the electronic music scene, the genre will definitely stay on the airwaves for years to come.

“This post is contributed by Adam Miller.”
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