Chicago-by-way-of-Maine singer/multi-instrumentalist, Elijah Noll, has debuted the mixtape that will introduce him to the world.

This diverse 11-song mixtape, titled “Delusional”, points to a tremendously talented artist capable of wrangling chillwave, R&B, indie rock and classic pop sensibilities into a sound as cohesive as it is eclectic.




In addition to writing and singing on the entire record, Elijah also shows us his propensity for the studio, having produced every song on the release other than “Delusional”, which he worked on with the king of “future soul for future souls”, Elias Abid.

Elijah also had some help from a couple of Chicago all-stars on “Delusional”, with Julian Bell being featured on guitar for “Alive” and Herf Yamaya lending his bass chops to “Need U”.




There hasn’t been a lot of information out there about Elijah Noll to date, but that hasn’t prevented the blog world from picking up on him.

Nerdist, Nylon Magazine, Hip Hop DX Pop Matters, and countless others have covered the string of singles Elijah released over the past two months in anticipation of this mixtape.

The lead single, “Ride”, which was the first track from Elijah released on Spotify, also made it onto the service’s Viral 50 chart.




There is a clear sense of diversity to Elijah’s music that is rooted in his background as a violinist (since the age of three), as well as African percussion that started roughly around the same time in drum circles, where he joined his mother.

As a self-proclaimed “Pop Head”, he was never one to get too consumed with one influence growing up. He would instead obsess over the best of an artist’s discography, two or three songs tops, before moving on to another artist.

The result is, as Elijah puts it, “a melting pot of countless artists’ stand-out tracks, compiled into my head as a giant mixtape of sorts”.




In “Delusional”, Elijah masterfully balances the ethereal with the bold. Through a wide array of timeless pop influences, he has crafted a sound that is equal parts smooth ambiance, hard hitting beats and raw vocals.

The resulting soundscape, coupled with a knack for infectious hooks, has culminated in a distinctly modern collection of golden R&B burners.


Listen to Elijah Noll’s debut “Delusional” mixtape here:


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