The up and rising young hip-hop artist Erich Mrak, hailing from Ottawa, Canada, just got the couples in the scene thinking about their relationships all over again with his latest single, “With You”.

Listen to Erich Mrak’s new single “With You” now: (via Soundcloud)

“The song is about the indecisiveness between two people, with regards to committing to a relationship, and if it is ideal for their current lives.”

Erich’s new single “With You” starts off on an electronic note that will get you hyped up real quick. The beat gets going, and soon Erich is letting it all out, albeit with a rather laid-back and soothing vibe. Erich takes the theme head on with lots of emotion and detail: while he really wants to be in a relationship with his special someone, he also just wants to roll back and relax, and maybe just not even bother with a relationship at all.

Before you know it, the whole mini-listening session of Erich’s new single just got wrapped up, with the song closing at two and a half minutes. You’ve got to play “With You” a couple more times and then some, for the message to really sink in deep. There’s lots of authenticity here, and the lyrics are packed with meaning. Erich’s honest delivery in “With You” is amazingly refreshing, and the flow of his rapping works out real well with the ambient vibe. There’s lots of depth in this genuine take on relationships from the young musician.

Erich Mrak is a Canadian rap and pop artist, born in Ottawa and currently based in Toronto. Erich’s been named alongside artists like Mac Miller, Macklemore, Asher Roth, and J. Cole. Making music since he was seven years old, Erich keeps it going in the scene as he continues to write his own songs at the young age of 21. Erich rolls with recording and writing music, producing instrumentals, you name it, as he keeps his eyes and ears out for the perfect track. Erich constantly reaches out and aims to surpass challenges, limits, and new heights.

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