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“East Forest’s Trevor Oswalt weaves ethereal soundscapes from his vintage keys, intimate vocals, and original field recordings. His sonic architecture reflects motifs of nature and the inner spiritual landscape juxtaposed with the realities and possibilities of modern society. The emotive music experiments with elements of pop and contemporary themes while leading the listener on a sensual ambient journey.

62938The wide ranging textural sound of East Forest has been touted as “blissful” by NPR and compared to Sigur-Ros, The Album Leaf, and Bon Iver. He has collaborated with Deepak Chopra, shared stages with artists ranging from Moby to Sarah Neufeld to Random Rab, and composed and licensed music for apps, video games, TV/film, theatre, and dance companies. East Forest’s debut album, The Education Of The Individual Soul brings the essence of the wild to the earbuds of urbanites and his live performances have established Oswalt as a pioneer of laptop free looping.

As an innovator in the world of yoga, meditation, and the healing arts East Forest’s Trevor Oswalt collaborates with a wide range of international teachers and has been featured at multiple Wanderlust festivals.  East Forest has created a new type of aural experience using music as a “technology” that can intentionally facilitate a heightened odyssey of body, mind, and spirit.

East Forest was a featured artist this year at SXSW. For tour updates, visit

Ten Laws

Always see the dangers first
Always protect your feet
Always be ready for cold
Always be ready for heat
Always know where good water or source is
Always master the skills necessary
Always get the job done
Always know your place
Always disallow foolishness
Always rest whenever you can

Ten fingers, ten laws that I live by
(Ten fingers, ten laws that I live by,
like all signs they keep me on track)

It could be that we’re all musicians
just singing our way through life together.



More on East Forest: Official Website | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


Lueda Alia

Rich Nardo