Europe’s been through some serious FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) lately, with canceled tours and group after group hopping over the continent into North America. Well, no more! Boys Republic begin their European Tour today, and as many fans already know Jazzy Group is bringing Topp Dogg over in September, 2015.

Boys Republic who’ve been spotted on the streets of Paris will begin their first ever European tour, today in the City of Lights, and will extend all the way through December in Wien, Austria. Check out B7Klan for tickets and updates.

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Boys Republic Europe Tour - poster

Here’s a composite photo of Boy’s Republic Instagram pics in Paris, from BNT.
Boys republic - bnt in paris

Topp Dogg will join in the fun, also with their first European tour, beginning September 3rd in Milan, Italy and wrap things up on September 6th in Paris, France.

Topp Dogg in Europe 5

You may buy your tickets online at:

Jazzy Superstar members will receive a 5% discount upon ticket purchase.

Stay tuned to Jazzy Group for more updates on the Topp Dogg European tour.

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