West London’s own Incisive is a forward thinking musician who excels not only in rapping, but also producing the tracks on which he spits. He sets himself apart from the mainstream by rapping about the trials and tribulations of the everyday, and distancing himself from stereotypical topics like drugs and crime. Bringing forth chilled, feel-good vibes that can be listened to on repeat throughout the day, Incisive is just different.

Incisive recently released a collab (with Shakka) titled ‘Push’. And, Julie Adenuga from Beats 1 described it as bringing the sun out, and added that it is a “baseline for your waist line.” ‘Push’ is infused with an infectious feel good Hip Hop beat combined with a splash of mellow R&B sound, as provided by Shakka’s vocals.

In the following interview, Incisive speaks exclusively to GoodMoMusic about his past achievements, current ventures and plans for the future:

Thanks for joining us today Incisive. Let’s get straight into the questions!

Q.1 – Which artists did you grow up listening to? Did any of these inspire you to pursue a career in music?
I grew up on alot of the 90s MCs – Wu Tang, Method Man, Snoop Dogg, Pac…etc. The most inspirational one was my big cousin who used to rap. Seeing him rap in my bedroom with my brother inspired me to pick up the mic in the first place.  When I first started rapping though, I sounded JUST like Snoop Dogg haha. 
Q.2 What do you feel has been your biggest achievement in the industry thus far?
That’s a hard one.  I don’t think I can put my finger on ONE moment – it’s ups and downs the whole way through.  Honestly couldn’t pick ONE.  Still going I guess would be it – It’s SUCH a hard game and a lot of the time it makes more sense to just stop lol – So still being here is my biggest achievement. 
 Q.3 Did growing up in West London play a big part in your career path?
Definitely.  We were lucky enough to have a music studio in our local youth centre.  I went to other youth centres in other parts of London and they had two turntables and a mic MAX. We had a full blown 48 track recording studio in my youth centre.  Thats where I learned how to record, engineer, mix – I learned everything I needed to there.  They gave us the freedom and opportunity to use real equipment.  That played a MASSIVE part.  Shoutout Lancaster Youth Centre!
Q.4 For someone who has never listened to your music before, describe it in three words.

Positive, Melodic, Hiphop.

Q.5 Would you compare yourself to any other artist?

I wouldn’t WANT to but when you are describing yourself to someone, the only way you can is to compare yourself….to someone…I’d say Common, meets Kanye… meet Common lol 

Q.6 If you could pinpoint one thing which inspires your music, what would it be?

Just real life.  I stopped a long time ago, making music just for FUN like as an everyday chore.  Songs are very organically made.  Real stuff that comes to me that I write down at the time.  I think it’s all inspired by real life things 

 incisive 2
Q.7 The feeling of pride when you hear a song you have not only performed, but also produced, must be pretty special. Tell us about that.

Yea I always think about hearing the song LOUD on BIG speakers when I’m producing it and when I’m mixing the record.  When I’m performing it, sometimes I zone out and I’m listening to how the bass knocks in the venue – proud of my own mix etc.  Best part is when people are singing back music you made in your bedroom.  Its surreal – every time. 

Q.8 What do you feel is unique about English rap?

I think every country’s music would be unique because of the environment.  We speak from different and unique experiences.  I think we speak with different and unique accents, make different and unique beats and approaches to music.  It’s US. I love it. 

Q.9 You have a degree in law. Could we see you being incisive in the courtroom some time in the future?

Haha – Never.  I went to Uni because my parents expected it – It wasn’t even a question of are you going? It was where are you thinking of going? By the end of first year, I KNEW I wasn’t going to do Law BUT I knew it made sense to have a degree and I had started so I figured I’d finish – Wanted to make my parents proud too I guess.

Q.10 Finally, does music feature heavily in your plans for the future? Or do you see a point where you may retire from the game?

I guess the older you get, the more you think about those things and I know it sounds CHEESY but I don’t think I CHOOSE to do music.  I don’t make songs EVERYday.  Im not in the studio EVERYday but eventually, I’m drawn to write bars. I’m drawn to make a beat.  I’m drawn to find time to go to the studio. I think it’s a part of me so I think I’ll ALWAYS do it.  Even if I stop releasing music… I’ll still be recording lol.

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