This week EXID returns as gas station attendants in this upbeat, funky song. Among the vibrant colors and great visuals, Hani shows off bright green hair and the new trend of mismatch circle lenses while Junghwa shines in “pink oil” that almost perfectly matches her hair (and almost looks like jelly). This song definitely separates itself from “Up and Down” and “Ah Yeah” while guaranteeing to gain public recognition. From the beat that gets stuck in your head to the random black guy dressed as Rev Run, this video catches your attention and keeps it for the whole three minutes and twenty seconds.

“Hot Pink” is filled with not-so-subtle innuendos and interesting angles as men with pink cards choose to pay over $4 per liter for “pink oil” instead of a little under a $1 per liter (approximately) along with LE pumping the gas and Junghwa sitting in the pool of the oil and Hani’s…dancing.  Not to mention that the only customers are men and the police come to “shut them down” in the end because of all the money they’ve made. Of course this is not the only way it can be interpreted but this is one idea based  not only on the video but their past songs as well. EXID’s new song and video are up for interpretation of course but I find it addictive and I’m probably going to watch it again after I finish writing this article and I can’t wait for them to perform this on music shows.

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