EXID are upping up their promotions in China! On January 12, EXID dropped a new music video for the Chinese version of the song that launched them to fame, “Up & Down” – also their second Chinese single. In the video, EXID explore an ancient Chinese city and temple.


Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

In their new music video for “Up & Down (Chinese ver.)”, EXID dance in the main hall and tower of an ancient Chinese temple, with the members getting solo shots in different parts of the place – on the stairs, in a hidden corridor off to the side, inside a tower room, in front of the temple, and more. In between the dance and choreography shots, EXID walk through the cobblestone streets of an ancient Chinese city – admiring the architecture and exploring the scenery.


EXID’s new music video for the Chinese remake of “Up & Down” was edited and a new version of the MV released, after the Chinese viewers called the original MV too provocative and considering the music video set to have a very close resemblance to the Forbidden City in Beijing. EXID made their debut in China last month, under Banana Culture – home to T-ara and former miss A member Jia – with their first Chinese single “Cream”. The song is a remake of album track “Cream” from EXID’s first ever Korean studio album “Street”, released back in June 2016.

Watch EXID’s new MV for “Up & Down (Chinese ver.)” now:

Also, check out the MV for EXID’s first Chinese single “Cream”:

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