Junghwa, member of Shinsadong Tiger-produced girl group EXID, has been cast as the lead actress of a new fantasy- and romance-themed drama titled “Mask”. The singer will play the lead role of Enita, a member of a girl group with beauty that’s described as “doll-like”. Actor Kim Jin Woo will work with her on this project as the pastry chef Yoo No.


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In the opening episodes of the drama, Junghwa’s character starts off as a plump girl who isn’t very attractive. She later quickly transforms into the beautiful Enita, after wearing a mask that someone gave her when she walking by the street. The drama takes its title from this item because it plays an important role in the story. She then joins the famous girl group Masera. Yoo No, the owner of a local cafe, falls in love with her because she looks like his late girlfriend who died in an accident.


From Soompi.
From Soompi.


This drama represents the second time Junghwa acts in a Web drama, after being cast in the drama “Tundra Snow” that aired in the summer of 2015. Her new drama “Mask” is expected to be broadcast sometime in June.


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