Before we even start, let me just say Exid’s rapper is electric! I haven’t paid much attention to this particular group, till today. And, the first thing I noticed in their new release “DDDD” is the rapper LE came on pretty early in the song. Most kpop rappers are like an after thought, but this not this time. And, she was killin it!

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So, I went back and watched a few more of their past comebacks. And, each time I just kept fast forwarding to her part, and then replaying it. Her producers know it, that she’s an electric generator, and they use her to such great effect. So much so, that she almost drives a good portion of the concept in most of their comebacks. A good example is in “Night Rather Than Day.”

In this comeback, DDDD, I didn’t necessarily have to fast forward too often, because her intermittent “Dol, Dol, Dol, Dol,” adds like a shot of espresso to the already catchy tune.

“DDDD” is very creatively done. It has many components that make the track catchy, and energetic. The beat right away is full on sass, with its circular bassline. And, the repetitive humming likely from Hani’s beguiling vocals, sealed the deal, for me.

Other things I noticed is they don’t dance much, as dancing is not their strong suite. but, that’s probably because whoever put the group together was focused on pure vocal talent. What they lack in dancability, they more than make up for in voicability. They are a vocally deep group.

Which answers for me, why they were not noticed early in their career, until an over-stimulated fan noticed Hani, just in time. This a
Is also why I haven’t paid much attention to them. I was waiting for all the hype to go away, so I can evaluate them without unnecessary distractions.

And so, a welcome evolution in “DDDD”, is even though Exid still thrives on seduction and flirtatious concepts, they’ve toned it down a bit here. Which again allows a greater focus on the track with minimal distractions.

Finally, it seems one of the members ‘Solji’ is ill. Hopefully, that’ll soon be resolved and she can returns to the group. So instead of 5 members featured in the MV, only 4 r shown.

Exid r definitely a strong kpop group, with a strong production team, behind them. Their choreographer can continue to be a part-timer, if they wish.

Finally, I don’t know who named the song, even though I think I know what they’re getting at. Tsk tsk, naughty, naughty… but, I can’t deny LE any of her irresistible “D”s. And, they are 4 not 3.

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