EXID’s back! On April 10, EXID dropped their new music video for “Night Rather Than Day”, the title track of their third EP “Eclipse”.

This time around, EXID will be promoting as a four-member group, with leader Solji taking an extended break for health reasons. The “Night Rather Than Day” shows a portrait of EXID not feeling all that happy during the day, but later lighting up and getting their moves on at night.

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Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

EXID’s music video begins with a fast-moving train, where the four members are just sitting and walking around in idly. While the train is moving, it feels like it isn’t really going anywhere, seeing how EXID just sit and stand there with nothing going on.

Come nighttime, though, EXID go hard on the brightly-lit streets, dancing smoothly and happily. The Sun rises up and EXID go back home, where despite all the wine, desserts, and a whole assortment of food, the girls still don’t look that joyful. Next thing they know, it’s dark out again, and EXID look more excited as they do their classy new dance moves on the street once more.

EXID’s new lead single “Night Rather Than Day” is a refreshing retro song that’s full of good R&B and jazzy vibes. EXID sing about how they don’t really like the day that much, and how they’d rather chill together and have fun with their special someone at night. This really shines through in the lyrics, with EXID noting how busy everyone is when the Sun is up, and how the place gets noticeably more relaxed after sunset – the perfect setting for lovers to meet each other again romantically:

…In our busy schedules
We have no time to meet
There’s so many people outside
The sunlight is harsh
Rather than liking it, it’s just blinding…

…Meeting during the day for a date
I like that too but
Right now, I wanna lay down and stay up all night
As we look at the moon, as full as our hearts…

…I wish you were here at night more than the day
So I can look pretty under the soft lights…

Watch EXID’s new music video “Night Rather Than Day” now:

EXID made their last comeback with “L.I.E”, off their first full-length album “Street”, last summer in June. The music video featured EXID as the hotel staff seeing to a mannequin couple who’ve stopped by for the night, and all the crazy antics that happen until sunrise.

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