SM boy group EXO are back. Today, midnight Korea local time, EXO released their third full-length album, titled “Ex’Act”, as well as 4 music videos for both Korean and Mandarin Chinese versions of their new title tracks “Monster” and “Lucky One”. The group released several image teasers as well as the teasers for the music videos of both “Monster” and “Lucky One” over the past week.


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EXO’s new album “Ex’Act” features 11 new tracks, including the 2 title tracks “Monster” and “Lucky One” and these songs’ instrumentals. “Monster” is a dance track with the members playing with a darker concept in both their outfits and the music video set. “Lucky One” is a more upbeat song, with the members sporting very colorful outfits and dancing and moving in a set with a brighter theme.




EXO also hosted a Naver V app chat session to connect with their fans and promote their new album. EXO’s last comeback was close to one year ago, when they returned in Korea with the repackage of their second full-length album, titled “Love Me Right”. EXO also made their Japanese debut last year with a Japanese language remake of “Love Me Right”, in addition to their promotions in Korea and China.


Watch the Korean versions here:


Lucky One


Watch the Chinese versions here:



Lucky One


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