SM boy group EXO released the first teaser video for their upcoming comeback next week. SM previously announced that EXO would be returning to Korea with a comeback in the summer. EXO will release their third full-length album, titled “Ex’Act”, on June 9 next week in two languages – Korean and Mandarin Chinese – like the group have always done so far.




This time however, EXO will be releasing two editions of the original 3rd album right away, with one title track for each edition – “Lucky One” and “Monster” – instead of one title track for the original and another one for the repackage. EXO’s 3rd album “Ex’Act” will contain 9 new songs – besides the title tracks, the other songs are “Artificial Love”, “Cloud 9”, “Heaven”, “White Noise”, “One and Only”, “They Never Know”, and “Stranger” – and 2 instrumentals.




EXO’s last comeback in Korea was in June 2015 with the repackage of their second full-length album “EXODUS”, which they promoted with their latest hit song “Love Me Right”. Earlier in March 2015, EXO released the second original album with “Call Me Baby” as the title track. EXO debuted in 2012 and promoted with the songs “MAMA”, “History”, and “What is Love”. The next year they released their first full-length album “XOXO”, with “Wolf” as the title track and “Growl” for the repackage.


Watch the teaser for EXO’s upcoming music video for “Lucky One” here:


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