Exo is about to release their winter special mini-album, with double comeback title songs ‘Sing For You’ and ‘Unfair’. Exo recently released the teaser images for the comeback songs, as well as for another track on the mini-album called Lightsaber, which was done in collaboration with the movie Starwars.

Exo Christmas 2

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

As reported by AKP, the mini-album has five songs.

‘Sing For You’ is called “a pop ballad song with an acoustic guitar background”

‘Unfair’ is described as “a pop song with a trendy and bright melody”

‘Girl x Friend’ is described as a “R&B hip-hop track about wanting to date your friend”

‘On the Snow’ is described as “a pop song with lyrics about wanting to get back together with your ex, by following their footsteps in the snow.”

The fifth song is Lightsaber.

Exo Christmas 3

Kpop–ism had a rather vivid description of the songs –
‘Sing For You’ “is about proposing to someone who you love by singing a sweet song. ‘Unfair’ is a love song about the lovely person that one loves with trendy and exciting melody.” And, thee hiphop-R&B song ‘Girl X Friend’ “is about a man who wants to become lovers with his friend. ‘On the snow’ is a song comparing the lovers falling apart to the foot prints on the snow.”

Exo Christmas

The mini-album will be released on December 10, accompanied by a live performance on Exo’s Naver Star Live Application V.

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