Boy band F.T. Island surprised fans with an Instagram image that the group recently uploaded, signaling their upcoming comeback. This week on July 6, the band members dropped several hints for all their fans and shared them on their personal Instagram accounts.


기대하시라 곧 나온다 #soon #comeback #ftisland

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The same image was shared by all F.T. Island members, and it featured the caption “Where’s the Truth?”. The image was not complete at first, and only bore a letter for each member.

Member Choi Jong Hoon shared an image with the letter “t” on his Instagram account, while Lee Jae Jin posted the letter “r”, Choi Min Hwan’s bore the letter “u”, Song Seung Hyun shared the letter he got “t”, and Lee Hong Ki posted the letter “h”. All letters combined show the word “truth”.




F.T. Island’s sixth album is titled “Where’s the Truth?”, just like their image teaser caption, and it will be released this coming July 18. The boys have already done several impressive albums both in Korean and Japanese.

F.T. Island debuted way back in June 2007, with the song “Love Sick”. After 3 years, the band rose to fame and also debut in Japan later, in 2010. F.T. Island have proved to be one of the toughest contenders in the music scene. The band have won several prestigious awards, including the Golden Disk Awards, Seoul Music Awards, and many others.



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