Today, via a premiere on Impose Magazine, The Familiar debuted their sophomore EP “Seconds”, along with the official video for the EP’s lead single “Patience”. The EP consists of five infectious, atmospheric electronic pop anthems that masterfully balances a thoughtful pensiveness with the duo’s knack for a huge hook.

Written entirely via email correspondence, “Seconds” captures both the haunting icy rhythms of the Arctic Circle and the hot pulse of NYC. It’s the conjuring of practical strangers – polar opposites who both find inspiration in the uncanny darkness of winters with no sun, the unyielding lightness of summers with no night, and the vibrancy of cities that never sleep.

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Ruth Mirsky, one half of The Familiar, reflects on the band’s unique collaborative nature and how it affected this latest release:

“The songs emerged a bit darker and lonelier than Rooms, which is strange since we have gotten closer over the past few years of corresponding back and forth between Norway and New York.”

That closeness despite geographical distance is palpable on “Seconds”, as we see Mirsky and her recording partner, Mads Martinsen, reach a new level of songwriting that can only be reached via a creative intimacy that often takes years for writing partners to develop.

In addition to “Patience”, The Familiar also premiered “White Poison” last week, a shoegaz-y, indie electro gem that the duo originally wrote to coincide with the release of Les Potions Fatales, the new scent from PARFUMS QUARTANA.




The Familiar consists of Norwegian-American singer Ruth Mirsky, and Norwegian-based producer Mads Martinsen. The duo formed after a chance meeting at an afterparty above the Arctic Circle in Tromsø, Norway. The musical chemistry between Mirsky and Martinsen has kept the two continually seeking out one another despite the distance.

Martinsen lives in Tromsø, while Mirsky is based in NYC, where she was born and bred. The unlikely duo debuted with the “Rooms” EP in 2014, at which time they performed their lead single “World Ends”, on Norway’s national radio station (NRK) along with a seductive cover of Hozier’s “Take Me To Church” for the band’s first actual performance together.

The band would go on to be hailed as the “Best New Music From Around the World” in “The Guardian”. “World Ends” has since received over 225,000 streams on Spotify.


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