Have questions about going to see B1A4? Not sure if you’re a Jazzy Superstar? Well you can now rest assured. Jazzy has posted the following FAQ on their Facebook page to ease your worries.

1) How do I join for a Jazzy Superstar Membership?

  • Send an email to:  marketing@jazzygroup.com
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The staff specified for the membership program will then guide you through the setup and payment processes. Side note: Always keep an eye on your junk mail folder, as others have had their e-cards sent there in the past.


 2) I’m already a Jazzy Superstar member, if I bought multiple tickets, can my friends queue with me at the priority entrance lane?

No. Only Jazzy Superstar Membership card holders can queue in the Priority Lane line. One card=One spot in line. If you want your friends to queue with you in that line, they will need to also be members as well.


3) I just joined the Jazzy Superstar Membership, but I haven’t gotten my physical card(s) yet, what should I do?

Cards are sent out every day, always check your mailbox; also, please remember that the physical cards are sent via snail mail, so it will naturally take the cards longer to reach places outside of the US. Should you not have your card at least 1 week before the show date, send an email to: marketing@jazzygroup.com and our staff will give you an E-Card specifically for your show.


 4) Is it already too late for me to join for the Jazzy Superstar membership?

It’s never too late, as there are no deadlines to sign up.  Just send us an email at:



5) Can I bring a gift for the artist?

Yes, of course. However, you MUST leave it at the gift counter. The counter will be located inside, close to the front entrances at each venue in each city. No gifts will be allowed during any of the fan engagement events or during the show due to time schedules and safety hazard guidelines. With this in mind, we thank you for your cooperation.


6) Are all VVIP ticket holders entitled to hi-touch?

Yes, every VVIP ticket holder who has purchase their ticket will be entitle to hi-touch passes.


7) What does Hi-Touch means?

Hi-touch is a fan service session where BANAs will be able to meet the members of B1A4 up-close and interact with them through a hi-5 session.


8) I’m a JAZZY SUPERSTAR MEMBERSHIP subscriber, do I get any benefits for queues for hi-touch?

Unfortunately, priority lanes only applies to entrance to the showcase before the show starts; we do not apply priority lanes on hi-touch sessions.


9) Is photography allowed during the hi-touch?

Strictly no photography and videography are allowed during the hi-touch


10) Can we bring in fanboards to support our favorite boys during the show?

To ensure that all attendees would be able to enjoy the session fairly without block of objects at sight, we discouraged you from bringing over-sized fanboards and banners into the venue.


11) How will the lucky 50 fans for the Meet & Greet be selected?

The decision will be made by Jazzy Group; only VVIP tickets holders qualify for this opportunity. Fans have until Saturday, October 31st to purchase VVIP tickets to still qualify for the Meet & Greet. Names of the winners will be release on Monday, November 2nd. Winners need to come 2 hours before the event to receive time and meeting area where they will redeem their wrist bands. Stay tune to Jazzy Group US Facebook for more updates.


12) How will the winners for the B1A4 Signed CD giveaway be selected?

The decision will also be made by Jazzy Group and names will be announced on Tuesday, November 3rd.

  • One CD will be given to a lucky non-member ticket holder (all zones)
  • One CD will be given to a lucky Superstar Membership ticket holder (all zones)

13) Can I bring food and drinks into the venue?

No outside food and drinks are allowed in the venue.


14) Is there any B1A4 merchandise I could purchase and can I buy merchandise in the venue?

Yes, limited stock B1A4 merchandise can  be pre-ordered. Also, merchandise will be sold at the venue, payment can only be done by cash; limited stock available only. Pre-orders will be accepted until November 6th.


15)  Where and when can I collect my merchandise?

All pre-order merchandise can be redeemed at the Merchandise Redemption Booth. Please remember to have your booking form and proof of payment ready along with your ID when you collect your merchandise.


16)  Where is the redemption booth?

Don’t worry. There would be signs that will guide you to the redemption booth at the venue. Please look out for them.


17) I didn’t manage to buy a ticket online, will I be able to purchase it on venue day itself?

Yes, tickets will be available for on the spot purchases at the venue’s box offices until the start of the showcase while stock lasts.


If you need to know anything else, don’t hesitate to contact Jazzy through their Facebook or email.


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