Before, we called her Jessica from Girls Generation. Now, to us she’s Jessica Jung, fashion entrepreneur and singer. The founder of the fashion brand BLANC & ECLARE, recently did a photoshoot with the magazine ‘Beauty plus’ and was featured on the cover of its June issue.

Fashion and Style Jessica Jung on Beauty Plus

According to KpopHerald, the magazine’s visual director Kim Woo-ri said of Jessica, “It was her first photoshoot in a long time, so she must have been nervous. But she was kind and considerate toward the other staff members, which was touching to see.”

Of Jessica’s resplendent natural look, the makeup artist Park Tae-yoon said “I wanted to reveal Jessica’s natural beauty, rather than try to show a new side through special makeup effects.”

Fashion and Style Jessica Jung on Beauty Plus 3

Jessica said to the magazine, “I try not to pay too much attention to what other people think and I’m happy now.”

During the shoot, “Jessica hinted that a new range of white T-shirts and denim clothes would soon be released in July, as part of her self-founded fashion brand BLANC & ECLARE. The collection centers on staple summer fashion items.” As reported by The KpopHerald. BLANC & ECLARE is available online and in specialty shops and exclusive retail locations across Asia.

Fashion and Style Jessica Jung on Beauty Plus 2

Fashion and Style Jessica Jung on Beauty Plus 5

Fashion and Style Jessica Jung on Beauty Plus 4
F(x) Krystal Jung Styles ‘Keds’ in Oh Boy Magazine
Not to be entirely out shown by her sister Jessica, f(x)’s Krystal Jung did her own photoshoot styling the casual sneakers ‘Keds’ for the magazine ‘Oh Boy’. As fellow member Sulli is on an indefinite hiatus and her group have not released any plans for any new releases, Krystal does well by keeping busy with photoshoots and appearing in dramas.

Fashion and Style Fx Krystal Keds

Photos of Krystal will appear in the magazine’s June issue.
The Cameras Just Can’t Get Enough of Kisum
Seriously, Kisum seems to be doing photoshoots and visuals every month. Well, this month she appeared in the K-Wave magazine and talked about her love for Yoon Mirae and how she wants to be percieved as a rapper. According to the KpopHerald, here’s what she said: “Yoon has been my idol for ages. I will be so happy if I can meet her and work with her someday. That is my dream.” And, “As a musician, I want to be remembered as one of the best rappers in Korea.” However, “As a person, I am satisfied with my current girl-next-door image.”

Fashion and Style Kisum K-Wave

Fashion and Style Kisum K-Wave 2

The pictures of rapper Kisum will appear in the June edition of the magazine.


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