Although he’s been producing music for up to 5 years, Junoflo was introduced to the Korean hip-hop world though Show Me The Money season 5. And, although he didn’t get very far, it was enough to catch the watchful eyes of Feel Ghood Music, who subsequently signed him – one of the few who actually got signed. His label did not keep us waiting for long, as he is now set to do his Korean debut with “Deja Vu.”

The teaser for Deja Vu has an electronic ripple beat gently playing, as a weightless Junoflo sings what sounds like the chorus – which makes the drop all the more interesting. Deja Vu drops on December 14.

Feel Ghood Music is founded by Tiger JK. He, Yoon Mirae, and Bizzy make up MFBTY, and they’ve been taking Junoflo along with them on some major shows including a festival in China.

Check out JunoFlo on Facebook, SoundCloud and Twitter.

Also, check out Feel Ghood Music on Facebook, and YouTube.
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