Truth is grime is like a diamond in the rough. And, although it’s a nice thing to do, but you don’t necessary want it all cleaned up and polished. At least not all of it. Of course artists want to blow up like Stormzy and take over the world. But, there is a case to be made for preserving and supporting grime MCs like Fend & K Simmz. In their latest drop “Last Few” these lyrical drillas use the OG grime cadence, and make it look way too easy.

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Take note that “Last Few” doesn’t have a hook,doesnt have a bridge, and doesn’t have a chorus. It’s just two MCs taking their time obliterating an ice cold beat with their deterministic flow. Quite like a pair of workmen on redbull using a road-top drill on a recalcirant asphalt surface. And, that’s the grime worth preserving.

This is a PSA to grime MCs. When you release visuals for your singles, do a photoshoot as well. Put the pictures on your public artist social media pages (that have a bio). This makes life a little easier for bloggers. Note that artists from around the world, including the UK, do this.

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