So, they did say “never judge a book by its cover.” But, it’s just human nature to indeed judge a book by its cover – to judge competence based on the outfit, or the car they drive, or the house they live in. Or, God-forbid on their skin color or tone. As the case may be, Dan Dannah‘s latest visuals for his freestyle called “Bar 4 Bar,” is so grimy and grubby, the first impression is keep it moving without a second thought. But, that will be a colossal mistake.

For everything the visuals of the visuals lack – video quality, horrible backgrounds (like who wants to look at some garages with paint peeling off the walls), his frigging outfit (like, bruv where you watching cartoons and suddenly decided yo lemme go do a video shoot) – the bars, the flow, the beats makes up for all that 110%.

Dan Dannah delivers his bars indeed “with the force of a jackhammer”. Check out this ferocious freestyle, below:

The skip-to-my-loo beat was produced by Swifta Beater, a young prolific grime producer who’s worked with veterans like P-Money, and was recently spotted with Stormzy in the studio for his surpise release “Cold”.

So the question for Dan is “if a tree falls in the forest and there is no one to buy it, does it make a sound.”

Bruv, your Bandcamp says “No tracks here yet. Log in to add some!”. Your SoundClound was last updated 9 months ago – so obviously this amazing drop is not on there. The only good thing you did was upload this track on your own YouTube channel. iTunes… forggettaboutit.

A serious MC gotta give the people a chance to download or purchase the track. Otherwise, does it make a sound? Does it make a dent? Get with the program, buddy. And, if you gonna do another shoot, purlease – at least put on a decent tracksuit. All love.
So, who is Dan Dannah? The one thing he’s doing right is that he has a website, where we got a short bio of him.

Dan is a Rapper/Grime MC hailing from East London UK. Music is his passion, and he has been perfecting his craft for over 10 years. Music, like any other type of art is a form of expression, therefore his aim as a musician is to provide his followers with a ‘true’ listening experience. He has experience in songwriting, producing and engineering …

Check out Dan Dannah’s personal Facebook (couldn’t find a professional page for him.) On Twitter and Instragram. I may just have to set up a label, so talent like this doesn’t go to waste.
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